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PUUURE KN95 Carbon Face Mask


Breathing Made Easy. 

The PUUURE KN95 Respirator Mask was designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. With an interchangeable filter, you can enjoy fresher, cleaner, and harm-free air all year long. Our R&D team engineered the KN95 to enhance breathability, fight off tough airborne pollutants, and prevent hazardous liquids from contaminating the face. It is extremely lightweight, durable, machine washable and properly equipped to withstand the toughest of environments. Many of our customers are construction workers, cyclists, marathon runners, chemists, adventurists, welders and the list goes on!

Note: Due to the high volume of orders being received, your shipment could take up to 2-4 weeks to be delivered!

Protection Class: KN95

Filter: Activated Carbon Filter

Material: Nylon/Spandex

Size: Universal/Adjustable

Colors: Black, Dark Blue, Orange, Grey


Package includes:

1 PUUURE KN95 Face Mask

1 filter replacement

5 Layers of Protection.

99% Filtration Rate for Particulates Sized 0.1 Micron or Greater.

95% Overall Particulate Filtration Rate.



    It has an adjustable strap to allow for universal fitting; as well as an adjustable nose piece to ensure maximum comfort.

    The elasticity of the ear loops and bands enables PUUURE to fit perfectly without causing any slippage or irritation around ears.




    Meticulous Workmanship and Delicate Stitching.

    PUUURE was hand-crafted using only the highest quality stitchings and materials to guarantee enhanced breathability and maximum comfort. Whether it's moisture build-up, heat build-up or carbon dioxide; this mask will fight through it all with its' seamless air filtration system. Maximum airflow allows PUUURE to be worn comfortably in both winter and summer months.


    Convenience is King.

    We know convenience is king and that's why we simplified our filter replacement process into 4 quick and easy steps!

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